Map of Itinerary

August 17, 2008

We have built Google map showing our general itinerary.

After three days in a Four Star hotel in Hong Kong we arrive in Delhi on Sept 28th and spend a couple of days in Manju Katilla, a Tibetan colony in the outskirts of Delhi. We meet up with David – whoopee! who is arriving 2 days before we are!

Then the three of us train to Rishikesh -that’s where the little swimming icon is showing. I don’t think I am going swimming in the Ganges but I am definitely going to immerse as much as I can into the holy waters – which will be cold since they are coming straight out of the mountains and onto the plains.

After a week in Rishikesh, David, joseph and I train back to Delhi where we will meet with our good friend Anna, who was with us in MacLeod Ganj last time we were there. (2005)

Together the four of us will bus – yes the dreaded bus – up to MacLeod Ganj. (that is the little hiking icon on the map)

David will be leaving us on Oct 22 to go back to Australia, but Joseph and I will be staying in MG for at least a month. Maybe even taking a side trip to Kullu Valley – where Nicolas and Helena Roerich spent 20 years. (look them up if you have not heard of them)

Then we are back to Delhi and on to Puducherry (blue waves icon on map) over to Mysore (green trees icon) over to the west coast (sunshine icon) and back to Delhi for Jan 11th departure back to Canada.

Lots of room and time for changing and shifting plans – we know we will meet others who have been travelling and will have great tips and ideas that we may wish to follow up on…. (I love the … part!)

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