Cherai Beach

December 21, 2008

Packed a bag, caught a little ferry to Vipomd Is (about 10 minutes away) jumped on a rural bus that took us through villages and got deposited at a gorgeous sandy beach. people are not recreational swimmers here, so beaches are filled with fishing boats and other businesses – no access (and not really that clean) so this was really special. we swam and swam (in the Arabia sea/Indian Ocean) to our hearts delight, got burned, drank fruit juices, collected sea shells and had lunch. ahhhhhh

we told people (Indians) we had gone swimming and everyone was shocked – you went swimming!? – making swimming motions…….

Sixty Days in a Spa

December 21, 2008

Instead of wishing it wasn’t so darn hot and humid, I decided that I could look at it this way. I get to spend 12 hours a day in a sauna. I am having an incredible detoxing opportunity, lots of releasing. Some people would pay big money to have this experience – maybe for only a day – and I get it day afer day after day……………..i am so grateful for my shower. we rate the heat of the day based on how many showers I took – a four shower day or two shower day.

And then there is my air conditioned room – I am so Grateful for my shower and my AC room. The temperature setting on the AC is for 27 degrees. that feels really cool – it is about 10 degrees cooler than outside my room. I look at that number and think – I am pretty sure that is a warm day in Victoria!

In addition to having a great spa, i am resting and relaxing in a very deep way. lots of time spent gazing at the palm trees in the wind, reading a novel, writing haiku, even – doing NOTHING! just sitting.

Peace on Earth

December 21, 2008

Within one kilometre of our home are Muslim mosques, Hindu temples, a Jain Temple, a Jewish Synagogue that was built in 1568, and several Christian churches. It is said that St Thomas, the apostle came to this very town in 56 AD. He lived and died here. So there is a very old Christian community. There is a Jewish cemetary with stones dated 1402. Every day we can hear the Muslim call to prayer, the church bells, the Hindu temple bells………all these folks live peacably with each other.

Sometimes it is easy to believe this whole planet is at war with each other, both politically and philosophically and spiritually. And it is just not true. There is already peace on earth. I am going to remember that and act on that and focus my attention and energy on that. Fan the flame of peace wherever I see it – in me and in my world. Namaste

Happy Holidays!

December 21, 2008

Thank you Teressa for the photo of our home. we are obviously having a very different experience here in India – still in the high 80’s. Chritsmas decorations in the market.

Ahh! The people

December 21, 2008


December 21, 2008

This beauty was growing on the tree over our table at this restaurant……….

Kerala Sites

December 21, 2008

Selling Christmas stars on the street markets.
Children getting out of their school taxi and unloading their schoolbags.
A mural of local Kerala style.
Lots of water and waterways. much life is on the water, in boats and related to fish.

Paving stones waiting to be used.

More Food

December 21, 2008

Usha, our ‘mom’ made us this wonderful delicous lunch, served on banana leaf (from her yard). different vegetable curries, cocnut, green chillis, cabbage, carrot.yummmmm! we stuffed ourselves! “grandmother” Thankuum is watching from the background. This is my brother Steve.This woman is making chapatis and drying them from her door step on the street.
South India thali – lots of dishes and tons of rice. they keep filling your plate until you say ‘stop’!
Buying the seetest bananas in the world off the street.

Green chillis……

Bay of Bengal

December 7, 2008

Backtrack a bit to our ride to Chennai on the east coast of India. in the same town where we visited the Sculptor’s School, we went to the beach and enjoyed a short walk. this beach was hit by the tsunami and is still recovering. We did see fishing boats with the Salvation Army logo on them.

Spice Heaven

December 7, 2008

Truly, Joseph was in heaven and we will be going back. a spice market. not for tourists or retailers – tucked away down an alley and filled with scents and lots to see. no one is trying to sell you anything so we could easily and leisurely peruse the rooms, bales, alleys and crannies that are overflowing with spices. Joseph is quite knowledgeable and was able to identify many by smelling and tasting (not always a great idea!), but he had a fabulous time. we will be going back with Steve.