Floating through the Backwaters

We took a day cruise through the network of backwater canals and waterways of Kerala. You can see what our boat looks like as you scroll down. the boats are very shallow and are poled through the water by two men. we saw wild orchids and other tropical flowers, lots of bird life, fish, fishermen, porpoises….. it was very quiet and peaceful – really slow and relaxing.

we had a kerala lunch on banana leaves at a family’s home and bought snacks of tapioca chips (like potato chips only different!), chili peanuts. we watched people making rope out of coconut fiber and realised that coconuts are the lifeline of this area. they provide wood, leaves, food (dried, fresh, green and ripe) rope and fiber, fuel, oil and on and on. whenever Jospeh asks how something is made (food-wise) – the first thing they say is “take some coconut oil, add green chilis…..”

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