Spice Heaven

Our trip to the interior of Kerala offered these spectacular views of mountains and waterfalls.

when Joseph and I were trying to make our travel arrangements from Puducherry (on the east coast) to Ft Cochin (on the west coast) we kept running into this block – maps showed trains going south or north, but none straight through the the coast. roads (busses) also didn’t go through. finally, we thought – there must be something (geographically) in the way! well, this is it – these mountains. it reminded me of the Rift Vally in Kenya – very high abrupt precipices. during this trip we stopped in the area known for its spice farms. we stopped at a women’s coop and bought pepper and cardamon.

Baby coconuts. this is a cardamon drying machine!

these bees nest in a small pot that the gardener hung in his garden. in it lives mini-black bees (with no sting) and they make this very special honey that is used in ayurvedic remedies.

Our wonderful spice garden guide, responding to Joseph’s many questions.

This is what cardamon looks like when it is growing – low to the ground, at the foot of a bamboo-like branch.

here’s me – enjoying the orchids that grow freely outside

These women are sorting cardamon by size and quality. the air for about three blocks around this building is filled with the wonderful aroma of cardamon.

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