Trip to Munnar – Tea Plantations

We spent one day travelling through the tea plantations. As you can see they go on for miles and miles.

We stopped to enjoy this waterfall and I bought a cob of corn roasted on a small fire and then rubbed with – green chilis and lime. my lips burned for about an hour after that!

Here is Joseph standing under a forest of cardamon. As we travelled we experienced different vegetation. On the coast it is coconuts, coconuts and more coconuts. then as we moved slightly up in elevation there were lots more banana trees and fewer coconuts. then we got higher and no more coconuts – lots of cardamon forest and rubber plantations. then at the highest level were the tea plantations.
Coconut trees live for over 100 years and produce fruit (coconuts) for the first 70 – 80 years.

My brother Steve and I.

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